This Week in Pictures, 2016.10.30

A full week in Virginia housesitting.  I was able to spend sometime relaxing and working on some projects.  And of course enjoying the lovely weather with Marzipan.  My week was very quiet;

  • I took several walks along the trail, and even went on a run,
  • more reading,
  • hemmed my pants and mended a few things,
  • went to see a movie and took some afternoon naps,
  • a visit to the Holocaust Museum,
  • updated my jewelry box, an Altoids tin that I use for the few pieces I carry,
  • said goodbye to Marzipan and Cheval & Dana in Virginia to move into the city for a few days,
  • and an evening at the Kennedy Center to see Jimmy Hearst for a birthday performance.

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This Week in Pictures, 2016.10.23

My first week in Virgina, housesitting and dog sitting for Marzipan.  It was a welcome week of relaxing.  Here’s what I did this week;

  • learning to walk the area around Dunn Lorring and taking the subway into the city (DC),
  • more reading,
  • took long walks along the railway trail near the house sit in Virginia,
  • found some places for coffee and writing,
  • made the trek to the city a couple times to walk among sites of our nation’s capital,
  • and an evening with some experimental cocktails.

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This Week in Pictures, 2016.10.16

I was on the move this week – sadly I left the Fat Radish Farm in Zebulon – absolutely LOVED being there!  I have happily landed in Dunn Loring, VA – just outside Washington D.C.  I’m house sitting/dog sitting for a adorable corki!  This week’s adventures included;

  • more reading,
  • learning to make a fire in the stove,
  • making a french toast breakfast,
  • watering and feeding the chickens,
  • taking a field trip to get a massage and indulge at the Stanbury for dinner and drinks,
  • making popcorn and enjoyed the house,
  • cheering for the monstrous sweet potatoes,
  • cleaning the Tahoe and the porch,
  • I survived a 12-hour ride on a crippled train,
  • and met Cheval and her adorable dog Marzipan.
  • On Saturday I slept in and enjoyed the sunny VA afternoon.

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This Week in Pictures, 2016.10.09

More beautiful days at the Fat Radish Farm in Zebulon…and the Fat Radish Family, Hayes, Kirstie, Sydney and the furry friends; Pork Chop, Odin and Jake….

  • lazed around reading and enjoying the scenery,
  • dug a small trench in the drive way to house a cable — bringing the internet to the house, yay!
  • drank wine on a lazy afternoon – or two or three…,
  • delivered eggs to a delightful little restaurant, Farm Table in Wake Forest, NC,
  • cleared out the shed, and moved a stupid shelf,
  • made herb infused cocktails, just ’cause,
  • played Cards Against Humanity with the Fat Radish Family,
  • took a walk in the rain in downtown Raleigh,
  • prepped things for Hurricane Matthew – we survived but a few chickens didn’t make it, 😦
  • perfected my poached egg technique,
  • found a late night jazz bar -and listened to some great music, @ C Grace in Raleigh, NC,
  • watered and fed chickens and collected more eggs,
  • harvested banana peppers and greens,
  • enjoyed The Saturday Market at Rebus Works in Raleigh at the Fat Radish table – Shonna made us a lovely breakfast and coffee — loved it! 🙂

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This Week in Pictures, 2016.10.01

Arrived in Raleigh, North Carolina on Sunday…and headed directly to the Fat Radish Farm in Zebulon…it is beautiful here.

  • Walked down the road to say “hey” to some goats – just ’cause
  • Enjoyed the company of the two lively dogs at the farm; Pork Chop & Odin
  • Ate a fabulous burger @ the Player’s Retreat in Raleigh, NC
  • Watered and fed the happy chickens at the Fat Radish & collected hundreds of farm fresh eggs. (I’ve eaten a good dozen this week!)
  • Hayes took us on a little tour of the property – beautiful!
  • Harvested a number of fruits and veggies; peppers, eggplant, radishes, turnips and figs
  • Helped out at the Zebulon Farmer’s Market
  • Spent Saturday evening at the Bluegrass Festival in Raleigh – live music is one of my favorite things! — it was perfect!
  • Soaked in the peace at the Fat Radish Farm
  • Grabbed some delicious food and a near perfect Old Fashioned at the Whiskey Kitchen in Raleigh

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This Week in Pictures, 2016.09.17

Spent Sunday through Wednesday at Annie’s place – then rented a car and drove up state to Niagara Falls….it has been a peaceful week.

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A little video of the musical entertainment at Annie and Art’s End of Summer Party.


This Week in Pictures, 2016.09.10

Another lovely week in up state New York at Annie’s place.