I was on the move this week – sadly I left the Fat Radish Farm in Zebulon – absolutely LOVED being there!  I have happily landed in Dunn Loring, VA – just outside Washington D.C.  I’m house sitting/dog sitting for a adorable corki!  This week’s adventures included;

  • more reading,
  • learning to make a fire in the stove,
  • making a french toast breakfast,
  • watering and feeding the chickens,
  • taking a field trip to get a massage and indulge at the Stanbury for dinner and drinks,
  • making popcorn and enjoyed the house,
  • cheering for the monstrous sweet potatoes,
  • cleaning the Tahoe and the porch,
  • I survived a 12-hour ride on a crippled train,
  • and met Cheval and her adorable dog Marzipan.
  • On Saturday I slept in and enjoyed the sunny VA afternoon.

click on the pictures below to view full-screen


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